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December, 2013

  • 17 December

    The Staff of Rich Mountain Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

    BY JACLYN ROSE – The thirty-two employees of Rich Mountain Electric Cooperatives are the backbone of the organization and while most of us only associate electricity with a switch, plug-in, or cord, it is their expertise and skills that are actually responsible for lighting up our homes and businesses. They are under the faithful and capable leadership of Leon Philpot ...

  • 10 December

    Tim Clark – A Man of Many Seasons

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – Tim Clark is a businessman, a husband, a father, an outdoorsman, a coach, and a man of faith, and like the talented juggler, he manages to balance each part of his life. Clark was born and raised in Mena. He graduated from high school in 1995 and went on to Rich Mountain Community College. From there ...

  • 3 December

    A.L. Hadaway – A Life Full of Adventure

    BY JACLYN ROSE – Born and raised around Texarkana, Almer Lee Hadaway, A.L. to his friends, has lived a life full of adventure. From the Arkansas National Guard to Polk County Sherriff to inspecting airplanes, he has had many interesting experiences so far. “The key to success is to marry the love of your life, and to do what you ...

November, 2013

  • 26 November

    Steve Mosley – A Man of Many Passions

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – Steve Mosley is a man of many passions – he is a successful businessman and a recognized name in the electric co-op industry from Texas to Arkansas, but he is also an avid hunter, a lover of nature, a passionate explorer of American Indian history and artifacts, and an extraordinary photographer, and it is perhaps his ...

  • 19 November

    Cris Head – Framing Moments of Our Lives

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – Chris Head will tell you his family has history here in Mena. His family came here from Germany by way of Chicago – “coming over on the boat,” he said, “like so many others.” In fact, his family was already here when the first train passed through Mena. Head attended Mena High School and graduated there ...

  • 12 November

    Troy Lunsford – Following His Callings

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – Troy Lunsford was born and raised in Polk County. He grew up in the area fishing and hunting, like so many other young folks, graduating from Mena High School in 1990. But unlike many young people, who have to search for direction at that point, Lunsford knew what he wanted to do. “I guess I can ...

  • 7 November

    Kandy Page and Tammy Odom – Images Of Success

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – Kandy Page and Tammy Odom of Mena, are two shining examples of what you can do when you practice drive and determination. Both are graduates of Rich Mountain Community College (RMCC) and other institutions of higher learning, and both represent the equation that this nation was built upon – dedication and hard work equals success. Kandy ...

October, 2013

  • 29 October

    John C. Davis – A Long-Time Hometown Boy

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – John C. Davis was born and raised in Mena, coming into this world and this town in 1942. He attended schools here and graduated from high school in 1960. His father owned Mena Ice Plant and Davis began his working career there. “As a kid I worked on the loading dock and delivered ice as well,” ...

  • 23 October

    Chi Chi Harris – An “Over-comer”

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – When we are faced with challenges in life, some of us try to dodge them, and some of us surrender to them, but there is a small portion who refuse to give up, who strive to overcome, using all the elements at their disposal. Chi Chi Harris is one of the over-comers and using faith and ...

  • 15 October

    Joe Quinn – School Resource Officer

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – Joe Quinn has accomplished quite a bit in his young life so far – he is a Mena officer, he has attended and graduated SWAT School, he’s a Certified Police Instructor, a Glock Firearms Instructor, and a Taser Instructor, but one of the things he’s most proud of is the opportunity to serve and protect the ...