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July, 2015

  • 15 July

    The Peach, a Classic Sign of Summer

    BY KIM HUGHES, EXTENSION OFFICE AGENT – Cultivation of peaches began in China as early as 2000 B.C. By 300 B.C., Greeks and Persians were enjoying peaches. In the first century A.D., Romans began cultivating peaches. From Italy, the cultivation of peaches spread throughout Europe and to the Americas, where the early settlers planted them all along the eastern coast. ...

  • 7 July

    Myths of Senior Assisted Living

    BY KIM HUGHES – Senior assisted living communities are designed to empower individuals to maintain the independence they have come to enjoy.  At the same time, community living provides friendship and companionship.  Senior assisted living communities provide seniors with many options to make sure they feel right at home. Despite the great advantages of community living, making the decision to ...

June, 2015

  • 29 June

    What Your Budding Chef Needs to Know in the Kitchen

    BY KIM HUGHES – Budding chefs are preparing their lunches and snacks this summer and many times it is more than heating something up in the microwave.  Kids and cooking go hand-in-hand; it’s like creating their own edible craft project.  Cooking can be fun, as well as help develop self-esteem and can turn those picky eaters into new adventurers. These ...

  • 23 June

    Summer Squash

    Squash is a gourd fruit belonging to the genus Cucurbita.  Other edible members of this family include cucumbers, melons, pumpkins and gourds.  The earliest cucurbits – probably originating in Mesoamerica – were considerably smaller.  Cultivation dates back 9,000 years, judging by scattered remains of seeds and stems found in prehistoric caves in Mexico.  The Zuni of the Southwest traditionally ate ...

  • 17 June

    Summer Means Garage Sale Time!

    BY KIM HUGHES – The first step is to choose dates and times for your garage sale. Most people go with Friday and Saturday mornings, but you can add Thursday or Sunday. You’ll get a larger crowd if you start early, and it’s likely to be cooler outside. Garage sales offer a great way to declutter and downsize your house. Grab a box and ...

  • 13 June

    Don’t Put Raw Eggs in Your Homemade Ice Cream

    BY KIM HGUHES – There is no clear information on when or how ice cream was created. One story is that in 1744, Colonists brought over recipes from Europe, or that in 1782 Martha Washington left a bowl of cream outside one night at Mt. Vernon and the next morning discovered ice cream. There are a myriad of ice cream ...

  • 13 June

    Summer Humidity has Hit Plants

    BY CARLA VAUGHT – Arkansas has long been known for its hot, humid summers and this one is looking like it may be a real winner!  Our humid conditions make growing plants a real challenge.  Just when we get the ground dry enough to actually plant our garden or get back in there to try to beat the weeds back, ...

May, 2015

  • 27 May

    Cooking with Children

    BY KIM HUGHES, COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT School will soon be out for the summer and your children may need something productive and worthwhile to do with their time.  How about teaching them how to cook?  This could also include the entire spectrum of feeding your family – writing menus, wise shopping, food safety, food preparation, and clean up. Cooking with children ...

  • 20 May

    Are Canners Passed Down for Generations Really Safe?

    BY KIM HUGHES – COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT Many canners are passed down or bought at estate sales or yard sales. The only way to know if the canner is working properly is to have it tested to ensure the safety of the food being processed. If your canner isn’t working properly the foods in the jar can be under-processed and ...

  • 13 May

    Caring for Gold Jewelry

    BY KIM HUGHES – We tend to think of gold jewelry as being fairly indestructible, just acquiring the minor scratching and patina of use and age.  For the most part it doesn’t deteriorate, discolor or wear out, and we love it for those attributes. Diamonds may be ‘forever’ but the prongs holding them are not.  Prongs wear over time or ...