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July, 2013

  • 17 July

    Laci Miner & Lori Bonner – Sisters Add Thriving Sister Stores to Mena’s Downtown

    By Michael Reisig Two of Mena’s younger entrepreneurs have been showing the way for others to be successful, and in the process, they are building and enhancing our business community. In the last couple of years, sisters Laci Miner and Lori Bonner have opened clothing and accessories boutiques in Mena, and with hard work, dedication, and a good deal of ...

  • 17 July

    Right and Wrong

    By Michael Reisig Right and Wrong. When I was growing up, there sure seemed to be a much clearer distinction between those two elements. Now, they’ve been blurred by success, power, beauty, money, and a handful of other self-ingratiating items. We live in a society which is beginning to show stress cracks – like an old seawall that has been ...

  • 17 July

    Polk County Sheriff’s Department July 8 – July 14, 2013

    The following information was received from Polk County law enforcement agencies. The charges against those arrested are allegations and the cases are still pending in the courts. Individuals charged and whose names appear in this column may submit documentation to us at a later date that the charges have been dismissed or that they have been found innocent and we ...

  • 17 July

    Mena Police Department July 7 – July 20, 2013

    July 7, 2013 Officers were called to a local fast food restaurant regarding an individual who was scaring customers with his odd behavior. The man left the premises July 8, 2013 Officers responded to a verbal altercation between two men. The men agreed to stop the bickering. Employees at a local convenience store reported a gas-skip in the amount of $37.00. Case is ...

  • 17 July

    OLT Plans Exciting Programs for Fall

    By Larry Block After the very popular musical Annie Get Your Gun, the JOLT play Airline, and a wonderful concert by the 1950s–60s doo-wop group, Blend, the Ouachita Little Theatre (OLT) is preparing for an exciting late summer/fall program. The first event will be the annual OLT Community Praise and Worship Concert on Saturday, August 17. The fall play will ...

June, 2013

  • 21 June

    Maureen Keese – Working For College and Community

    By Michael Reisig – Maureen Keese of Mena has found a place within our town and our college that she can combine human resources and physical resources, and come up with an improved community. It keeps her very busy, but she likes that as well. Keese is originally from Newark, N.J., where she was born and raised. She graduated from ...

  • 21 June

    The Mena First United Methodist Church

    By Michael Reisig – The Mena First United Methodist Church has a rich and long history. Its first meeting place consisted of a sawdust floor and rough-hewn walls and the first meeting took place in 1896. A corner lot on 7th and Church Streets was purchased and a frame church was built that same year. A new church was built ...

June, 2011

  • 29 June

    Robert Toombs – Helping Veterans Receive What They Deserve

    BY MICHAEL REISIG – For the last five years Robert Toombs has served with distinction as the Polk County Veteran’s Service Office and many a veteran in this area will tell you it was Toombs who went to bat for him or her and helped them get the benefits they were entitled to. Toombs was born in St. Louis, MO. ...

September, 2010

  • 22 September

    Robert & Dolores Hutcheson – Serving and Protecting

    As published September 22, 2010 BY MICHAEL REISIG – Robert and Dolores Hutcheson have a unique arrangement as far as couples go – they are both officers of the law. Robert is a deputy sheriff for Polk County and Dolores is a police officer with the City of Mena. They serve and protect our community in many fashions, and they ...