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September, 2013

  • 16 September

    Cossatot After-School Program Begins Today

    Cossatot River High School 21st Century Afterschool Program for grades 7-12, will begin Monday, Sept 16, 2013.  The program will be open Monday-Friday from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. There will be tutoring and homework help in all subjects and exciting enrichment activities.  Bus transportation will be provided to the following drop-off points:  The Rock Store in Hatfield, The Cove Laundry, The ...

  • 16 September

    Menus for County Schools – Tuesday, September 17, 2013

    Mena Public Schools Breakfast:  Cherrios, Toast, Juice, Milk Lunch: Main:  Corn Dog, Garden Spinach Salad, French Fries, Apple, Milk Choice:   Turkey Sandwich, Lettuce & Tomatoes, French Fries, Apple, Milk   Acorn Public Schools Breakfast:   Eggs, Biscuits, Juice, Milk Lunch:   Chicken Fajita Salad, White Beans/Cornbread, Oranges, Milk   Cossatot River School Breakfast:   Biscuit & Gravy, Fruit, Juice, Milk Lunch:  Soft Taco, Lettuce/Tomato, Cheese/Salsa, Pinto ...

  • 15 September

    Menus for County Schools – Monday, September 16

    Mena Public Schools Breakfast:  Breakfast Pizza, Juice, Milk Lunch: Main:  Taco Soup, Crackers, Fresh Broccoli, Sliced Pears, Cookie, Milk Choice:   Burrito w/Cheese Sauce, Beans, Fresh Broccoli, Sliced Pears, Cookie, Milk   Acorn Public Schools Breakfast:  Sausage Pancake on a Stick, Juice, Milk Lunch:  Hamburger,Oven Fries, Lettuce/Tomato/Pickles, Veggies, Pearhalves, Milk   Cossatot River School Breakfast:   Pancake on a Stick, Fruit, Juice, Milk Lunch:  Chicken Strips, Macaroni ...

  • 13 September

    Ladycat Volleyball Results

    Mena vs Jessieville Jr. Varsity Mena won 2 games to 0 Sr. Jr. Varsity Mena won 2 games to 0 Sr High Varsity Mena won 3 games to 0 The Ladycats are coached by Brad Lyle.

  • 13 September

    Backpack Food Program at Mena High School

    Hailey Knitting and Natalie Rose (JAG students) are filling backpacks with groceries so needy students at Mena High School can have food on the weekends. This project was initiated by Rice Depot of Arkansas.  They continue to support us monthly, but many times we run out of food. Mrs. Sheila Johnson has been instrumental in administering this program at MHS. ...

  • 13 September

    Grandparents’ Day at HHE

    Grandparents’ Day didn’t come unnoticed at Holly Harshman Elementary this past week!  The HHE Library has been buzzing all week with bounds of grandparents that have enjoyed visiting the school and sharing a book with their grandchildren!  Mrs. Tedder, the HHE Librarian, makes this an annual event and never underestimates the importance and power of reading with a loved one! ...

  • 13 September

    Family Involvement at HHE

    “Every time a parent visits the school, the message, “School Is Very Important,” is sent to the child,” states family involvement coordinator, Vicky Maye at Holly Harshman Elementary.  Pictured is Mrs. Stacey Booth, mother of fourth grader, Amanda Booth.  The family is new to Mena, but not knew to education.  Mrs. Booth is a certified teacher and made it very ...

  • 13 September

    Team MENA Spirit

    Holly Harshman Elementary was buzzing again this Friday with Team MENA spirit as the MHS cheerleaders arrived with Bearcat Game Ribbons.  Pictured is fourth grader, Alex Harper, daughter of Bearcat Head Coach Tim Harper with  MHS cheerleader, Telissa Fretz.

  • 13 September

    HHE Watch DOGS Dads

    “Being A Dad is a privilege, not an obligation” is a quote that supports HHE’s Watch DOG dad’s perspective as he has already served two days this school year as a Watch DOG dad at Holly Harshman Elementary.  “While his occupation has him in oil fields far away part of the time, when he is home he is present in ...

  • 12 September

    Menus for County Schools – Friday, September 13

    Mena Public Schools Breakfast:  Poptart, Ham Slice, Juice, Milk Lunch: Main:  Country Style Beef Patty, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Steamed Broccoli, Oatmeal Roll, Banana, Milk Choice:   Chicken Tenders, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Steamed Broccoli, Oatmeal Roll, Banana, Milk   Acorn Public Schools Breakfast:   Gravy, Biscuit, Juice, Milk, Cereal Lunch:   Spaghetti, Green Beans, Salad, Pineapple, Garlic Toast, Milk   Cossatot River School Breakfast:   Cheese Omelet, Super Donut, ...