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Pictured are (left to right): Front row – 4 Disciples, Curtis Powell, Scott Fancher, Rick Billingsley, and Hoyt Hatfield. Second row - Moppy Billingsley, Karen Powell, Denise Watkins, Lisa Pike, Pat Allen, Gerry Higgins, Sandra Steele, Sharon K. Fields, and Judith Roberson. Third row – Pastor Dillard Miller, Kathy Malone, Sheila Powell, Sandy Thomas, Ora Sue Higgins, Cindy Townsend, Jaree Sherrer, Debbie Philpot, Judy Thomas, Patty Hoover, and Valda Sherrer. Row 4 – Jane Long, Nellie Miller, David Rogers, Shelton Bohlman, David McCurdy, Brett Morris, Rod Cole, Kent Fancher, Billy Long, Greg Roberts, Barney Sherrer, Laverne Kelly, and Ray Kelly. Not pictured are: Rod Miller, Betty Drye, and Emily Roberts.

Celebration Singers to Reunite 42 Years Later


This Memorial Day weekend, the Celebration Singers, originally formed in 1973, will have thirty members and five of their leaders reunite at the First Baptist Church in Mena.

The group gained their name after a musical was produced about the life of Christ called “Celebrate Life.” The group was formed with several Christian youth from various denominations in the area and was sponsored by First Baptist Church and several businesses in Mena. The Celebration Singers were directed by Valda Sherrer and they performed musicals, taught Bible school, and led worship in several states including Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Washington D.C., and Arkansas over a period of four years.

Most of the singers are still active in Christian ministries passing the faith to generations in many countries and are exceedingly thankful for the Christian education they received while living in Mena. They are also thankful for their devoted leaders Mr. and Mrs. Barney Sherrer, Mrs. LaVerne Kelly, Ms. Judith Roberson and Mrs. Nellie Miller.

You can join them for services and song at 10:30 a.m. this Sunday, May 24, at Mena’s First Baptist Church.


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