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Chamber of Commerce and A&P Join Forces


On Wednesday, March 7th, the marketing contract between the Mena Polk County Chamber of Commerce and the Mena Advertising and Promotion Commission was finalized.

The previous Marketing Director, Donnie Crain, vacated his position as of January 1, 2018, and the position has been empty.  Since Mr. Crain put in his notice last fall, AP has been trying to find a replacement. After submitting a proposal, the Chamber was interviewed on February 5th. During the interview they discussed how awarding the Chamber with the contract would boost tourism and improve festivals and events currently in place.

The Advertising and Promotion Committee selected the Chamber of Commerce unanimously to go ahead with the contract. Moving forward, they plan to, among other things, open the Train Depot on a regular basis as a fully functioning visitors center. This has been attempted in the past, and is currently being covered by volunteers.

Ashley Smith, the Executive Director of the Mena Polk County Chamber of Commerce, told the Pulse that she’s very excited to move forward with this contract in place. She thinks this will benefit tourism in innumerable ways, given the wide array of talent and skills between both the Chamber and the AP.

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