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Check-in Date for Christmas Gift Show Art Work


Yes, I know you’re not ready for the holidays to be upon us—neither am I. But October 30 is the check-in date if you want to enter some of your work in the Mena Art Gallery’s annual Christmas Gift Show. We will be accepting entries from 10 am till 4 pm on that day.

The Christmas Gift Show will feature work that might be selected for gifts: paintings, photographs, craft items, sculptures. Almost any unique hand-crafted item would fit the requirements.

Most of the normal rules for entries will be waived for this non-judged show. There are no entry fees, no limits on the number of pieces entered, and the normal framing standards are not required. Please realize that all 2D work must either be capable of being hung on our walls or must be protected so it can be displayed in racks. This will give you a chance to exhibit lots of your work where it will be seen by potential buyers.

For details on entry requirements, please see our website, Look under “Exhibits” and click on “Christmas Gift” to find a link to the entry form which you can download.

So, now is the time to complete those “UFOs” (unfinished objects) that are in your studio and get them ready for primetime.