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Chekhov Opening at OLT October 11

Ouachita Little Theatre takes pride in exposing their audiences to a variety of entertainment.  Classic, humorous, musical, and dramatic pieces have all been portrayed in memorable performances through the years.  Something altogether different is happening in rehearsals at the old Lyric Theatre these past few weeks; it is difficult to describe, but all-encompassing of humor, classic literature, and possibly most descriptive of all – pure farce.

Four one act plays written by Anton Chekhov, the brilliant 19th century Russian writer, are to be performed the weekends of October 11-13 and 18-20 at OLT.  Although Chekhov is best known for his short stories and full-length plays, he possessed a skill and love for comedic one act plays, and these are considered to be among his best.  The four selections being performed are titled, “The Anniversary”, “The Harmful Effects of Tobacco”, “The Bear”, and “The Proposal.”

Director John Puddington, an experienced professional actor who recently moved to Mena, has assembled an excellent cast from our local talent.  Puddington has directed this series of plays before in Albuquerque, NM.  The reviews for those productions were excellent.  One review in particular, written by Steven Robert Allen, sums up the spirit of the plays for the modern theater-goer as follows:  “Chekhov’s one-acts are something like the 19th century Russian equivalent of really good sitcoms – sort of like Seinfeld, but with tweed coats and hunting dogs.”  You get the idea; you will laugh a lot.  And you will also be treated to something unlike anything else you have seen in Mena before.

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