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Children’s Show Winners at Mena Art Gallery


On Saturday afternoon, March 7, the winners of this year’s Children’s Show were recognized and received their awards.  They are:

Best of Show: Kathryn Davison, 5th grade, “Kitty”

Special McDonald’s Award: Maxwell Dollarhyde, Kindergarten, “Flowers”

Lucy Mulcahy Award: Lexie Morren, 8th grade, “Elvis The Rooster”


K – 4th Grade

First: Maxwell Dollarhyde, “Flowers”

Second: Addi Dollar, “The Owl”

Third:  Carmen Puckett, “The Swan”

Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Pennington, “Secret Garden”


5th – 8th Grade

First: Sarah Grenier, “Man in the Moon”

Second: Lexie Morren, “Elvis the Rooster”

Third: Emily Liles, “Dream Catcher”

Honorable Mention: John Fagan, “The Rose”

In addition to the pleasure of seeing what a great job the young artists did, visitors to the gallery were privileged to listen to Benjamin Morren playing both guitar and keyboards. This extremely talented young musician will be playing in the rotunda at the Arkansas State Capital later in the spring.

Tobias said, “We are fortunate to have so many talented young artists in Mena, and want to thank all of them for participating in this annual celebration of art for the younger generation. We also wish to thank Charles and Claudia Brown, owners of Mena McDonald’s, for again providing the awards.”

The attached photo is of four of the winners:  Kathryn Davison, Sarah Grenier, Emily Liles and Carmen Puckett.  Photo by Patricia Trulock.

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