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Christmas Shopping!


Okay. Thanksgiving is over and the time is growing short. But don’t panic, you still have a source for unique gifts locally.Gallery-Tree-cropped2

Mena Art Gallery has a great variety of gifts available—all handcrafted by local artists. There are some great paintings, of course, but that is just the beginning. How about a knitted lacy scarf or something in ceramics (pitchers, bowls, sponge holders, mugs, serving dishes—you name it)? For those coming for the holidays from somewhere far away enough that they can’t enjoy all the beauty of the land all around us, there are photographs that capture the moment and the light.

There is jewelry varying from delicate Native American dreamcatcher designs to striking chunky strings of semi-precious stones to suit almost any taste.

There are anthologies of short stories and poetry by local writers. The last time I went in, there were some striking metal sculptures both whimsical and serious.

And think of all the fringe benefits of shopping locally: you don’t have to tackle city traffic; you can support the local shops that make this such a wonderful place to live; you can keep your dollars here where they benefit you as well as the ones you are shopping for. And not least by a long shot, it’s fun to browse among all these gorgeous, beautiful, interesting, and unique things.

The gallery is open from 10 am to 3 pm, Wednesday through Saturday, and 11 am to 2 pm on Tuesdays. You might even find a Christmas gift for yourself—we’ll never tell.