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CHRS Choir Earns 39 Chairs at All-Region Competition

On Saturday, October 15, CRHS Choir Teacher Susan Brewer took 59 junior high choir students to Lakeside High School in Hot Springs to compete in the Southwest Arkansas All Region Choir Competition. Over 800 students from southern Arkansas competed to earn spots/chairs in the Southwest Arkansas All-Region Junior High Honors Choir. Out of 59 CRHS students, 39 earned chairs. Last year CRHS had 17 place. “Our kids turned many heads Saturday,” said Brewer.

Students who earned chairs and will be going on to sing in a concert in Benton on Friday, November 11 at 4:00 for the public are: Lexie Graham—1st chair 2nd soprano; Abby McIntyre—3rd chair 2nd soprano; Katelyn Baker—4th chair 2nd soprano; Ali Austin—5th chair 2nd soprano (odd); Betty Jewell—5th chair 2nd soprano (even); Kailey Wade—14th chair 2nd soprano; Ursela House—16th chair 2nd soprano; Summer Raines—17th chair 2nd soprano; Makaya Floyd—19th chair 2nd soprano; Hylan Stauder—21st chair 2nd soprano; Litzy Brito—24th chair 2nd soprano; Alicia Castrejon—28th chair 2nd soprano; Natalie Wilson—10th chair alto; LaBrayla Robb—15th chair alto; Amy Haynes—19th chair alto; Marissa Hammer—27th chair alto; Gracie Smith—alto; Baylee Davis—alto; Shanell Brito—alto; Cora Morgan—alto; Shyloh Crane—alto; Kalli Smith—alto; Kensley Zanzeburg—alto; McKayla Caramez—alto; Tommie Whitmire—alto; Laura Flores—alto; Cody Beck—11th chair Tenor 1; Ethan Butler—30th chair Tenor 1; Pate Taylor—Tenor 1 first alternate; James Stark—4th chair Bass; Zaide Morgan—7th chair Bass; Alexis Brito—17th chair Bass; Jeremiah Sanchez—20th chair Bass; Cole Brantley—22nd chair Bass; Clayton Thompson—23rd chair Bass; Trenton Overton—27th chair Bass; Kyle McCarver—28th chair Bass; Alex Morrell—Bass; JT Miller—Bass.

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