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City Maintains Beauty with Ordinance and Annual Clean-Up


Seeing manicured lawns, clean streets, and clutter-free residences is the purpose of Mena’s Beautification Ordinance, and Tammy Stockton heads up the job that keeps citizens compliant, keeping the city beautiful in all corners. However, sometimes due to rainy weather, lack of ability, or any number of other reasons, folks get behind on that work and that’s when you’ll receive a visit from Stockton.

Each year, Stockton makes sure that citizens are keeping their yards not only mowed to under 12 inches, but junk free and looking nice. She usually begins with a visit and a warning, she as says most residents comply as soon as possible.

Becky Horton, Mayor’s Assistant, said she attributes part of the success of this year’s Spring Clean-up Program to Stockton’s hard work. “She started early this year visiting homes and sending letters to people reminding them to take advantage of the program.”

“People took advantage of the city wide clean-up and there more loads taken than ever before,” Stockton said. She also wants to remind the public that there will be a fall clean up coming soon, however it is for brush only.

The City also asks that when citizens mow, that they also please mow the easement ways into the ditches or flats out to the road. “There is a lot to keep up with and we would very much appreciate it if they would help us keep those areas clean as well.”

“It’s getting better year after year. We are definitely on the uphill swing of things and are happy with people getting their stuff done,” she said.

Citizens are encouraged to let the City know of any areas that need work such as trees blocking street signs, un-mowed areas, etc. Tammy Stockton can be reached at 394-7436 or 394-8305.


  1. you have the money for a manicured lawn? I don’t. and I am getting quotes of $50 – for this tiny yard. I recently was in CHI St. Vincent’s and i can not do the lawn myself right now. I am 64 years old, and I lost the guy who use to do my lawn. I even bought him a lawn mower and a weed eater, for him to do it! I get these people who can not mow a lawn right – do a sloppy job – and still expect to get paid. So fine me!

  2. I wish they could do something about the house on reeves street it is awful trash everywhere not mowed

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