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City of Hatfield Receives Proposal To Go Solar

The city of Hatfield could be going solar.  The City Council of Hatfield was to hear a proposal Tuesday night from Area Solar that could save the city over $200,000 over the next 25 years according Riley Johnson one of the two owners of the company. Under the proposal, the city of Hatfield would allow Area Solar to build a “solar garden” which is a solar array under a megawatt.  Bill Tilley, the other owner of Area Solar, said under the proposal the city of Hatfield will not build the solar garden, but will instead lease it at a price considerably lower than what they’re currently paying for electricity.  According to Tilley, the city will immediately see a savings in their electric bill and will pay for itself over a period of 15 years.  The goal is to have the solar garden up and running by April according to Tilley. Johnson said he hopes that other municipalities will take a look at the Hatfield project and implement a solar garden in order to save money.  Area Solar was established in 2018 by Riley Johnson and Bill Tilley.  The company was created after both Johnson and Riley installed photovoltaic systems in their own houses according to the company’s website.  The vision of the company is “We believe we should all work toward a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Essentially all life on our planet is sustained by energy from the sun. We can follow Mother Natures example and use photovoltaic solar technology to generate our electricity”.

For more information on Area Solar you can visit their website:

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