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City of Mena Approves 2017 Budget


The City of Mena has approved their 2017 budget to the tune of $2.4 million.

Revenue to the city is expected to be $2,480,935, coming from sources such as building permits, grants, taxes, state turnback funds, and more.

The Mena Police Department was budgeted $1,112,521 to run operations at the department and pay salaries. The City of Mena’s Administration Department was budgeted $477,879 for their daily operations, repairs and maintenance, and salaries. The Mena Fire Department will have a budget of $297,327, which includes supplies, turn-out gear, utilities, and salaries.

Animal Control will operate on a budget of $90,599; Code Enforcement – $58,414; District Court Expenses – $70,526; Janssen Park – $262,672; McMillan Park – $14,551; Mena Depot – $11,180; Pool Department – $66,612; Senior Center – $8,686.


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