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City Prepares for Annual Sidewalk Project


The City of Mena is preparing for their annual sidewalk construction project, and a bid was approved and accepted at the last meeting of Mena City Council. Glennaire Construction, Inc. from Mena was awarded the bid, being the only bid received for the project.

Due to Glennaire Construction, Inc., being owned by Council Member James Earl Turner, the council also had to pass an ordinance permitting a council member to conduct business with the City.

Glennaire’s bid was $6.81 per square foot and an additional $660.00 charge for each handicapped ramp constructed.  The city has set aside a budget of $50,000.00 for this year’s project, which will include repairs on various damaged sidewalks throughout the City.  The project is expected to begin around August 14, and according to their contract, will have 100 calendar days from then to finish the project. The City has not yet released the list of sidewalks that will be replaced or repaired.

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