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Coats for Kids Available at Bear State Bank


Bear State Bank has been spearheading the Coats For Kids Program in Polk County for more than twenty years and has launched their 2015 coat drive and giveaway. “We are happy to help the children and families in Polk County stay warm in the winter by providing gently worn and new coats through this wonderful program,” said Vice President Jennifer Maechler.

At the beginning of October each of the three Mena locations and the Cove branch of Bear State Bank place Coats For Kids receptacles in their lobbies. “We rely on our generous Polk County residents to donate coats of all sizes towards our program; without the support of our community this program would not have survived twenty plus years,” Maechler said. “We let the community know about the program by word of mouth, through advertising in the paper, and by email; to our schools, churches, and other local organizations. We are fortunate that local groups, such as the Lioness Club, support our program and donate to it. This helps us dry clean the coats and purchase any we may need.”

If anyone knows of a child in need of a coat, call Bear State Bank Main Branch at 479-394-3552 or any of their smaller branch locations and “we will find a coat for them,” said Maechler. Also, parents, teachers, counselors, or anyone, can come to the main bank and pick out a coat, or coats. Maechler added, “In the past we have had great support from our schools and we are happy to pick out coats and deliver them as well.”

Last year there were over 250 coats provided to Polk County children and young adults through the annual Coats for Kids program. “We are happy to help our families and keep them warm,” said Maechler.


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