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COC presents ‘Welcome to Mena’ signs to A & P Commission

    If you have noticed the new signs welcoming visitors to Mena and directing them to the Tourist Information Center located in the KCS Depot, then you have noticed the collaboration and the hard work of the Mena/Polk County Chamber of Commerce and the Mena A & P Commission.

   The Chamber presented the signs to the A & P Commission Tues., Oct. 2 as a visible, overall marketing plan for the year between the two entities.

   The depot has already been functioning as an unofficial location for visitor information, but there was nothing to direct travelers to the building.

    These signs will help with the visibility of the visitor’s center and are essential in promoting the tourism industry in the area.

    The agreement between the Chamber and the A & P Commission also includes the goal of officially creating an A & P Commission Office in the Depot that will function as a full-time establishment. Current volunteers and chamber staff will help in accomplishing this goal.

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