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Comfort Center – Comfort is the Name of the Game


There is nothing like waking up after a good night’s sleep ready to tackle tasks. A good, refreshing night of sleep can make someone feel energized for a demanding day. On the other side, nothing is worse than tossing and turning and never experiencing a good sleep. It is said that quality sleep is just as important for good health as nutrition and exercise. Stacy Ward at Comfort Center understands that a good night sleep can’t be underestimated and he is helping customers find the best mattress at the best price.

Stacy has been around the furniture business his whole life, starting in his hometown of Eunice Louisiana, where his family has been in the furniture business since 1945. “My grandpa started the store in 1945, Winter’s Furniture, and then my dad managed it. I have been around the business as long as I can remember,” recalls Stacy. Since he was 10 years old, Stacy has been inside the furniture store working, starting early on putting together TV carts, “I can recall putting those TV carts together for my dad so that he could sell them. Most people probably don’t remember those TV carts because it has been so long ago,” says Stacy laughing. After graduating from college, Stacy returned to work with his dad for the next six years. During this time, he was doing a little bit of everything in the furniture business, “I learned the business, how to manage and how to treat people right.”

While working with his dad, Stacy was approached about being a rep for a line of recliners. “I had a 1972 half-cab Bronco and we also had a UHAUL business so I hooked up a little trailer and loaded up the best selling recliner and drove 20 miles to try to sell them,” recalls Stacy. Selling recliners was just the beginning of success in the furniture business. Before long, he was driving all over Louisiana and in Arkansas selling recliners, mattresses, and a couple of other lines of furniture. “When I started selling mattresses, it really took off and we saw that we could have a future in the furniture business for sure.” After making several trips to Arkansas for business, Stacy, and his wife Melissa, fell in love with the area. Following a couple of hurricanes that devastated Louisiana, they decided to move to Mena. During the move, Stacy was still a representative for several furniture lines, including helping make changes that would make a big splash in the mattress world. “There was a group called Scandanavian Mattress and I was working with them to develop some new products. I actually got to be a part of the group that designed the first memory foam-latex mattress,” says Stacy.

When Stacy moved to Mena he continued serving as a representative for several companies, but he wanted more, he wanted to be more connected to the people in the community. “I have always loved the furniture business and I always wanted to have my own. It is almost like second nature to me, I have been observing and working in the business all my life,” Stacy says. The reason behind opening a store was simple; Stacy wanted to offer comfort and so Comfort Center LLC was started with people’s comfort in mind. “So many people go to bed on an uncomfortable mattress or they have a recliner they don’t enjoy and that’s a shame. I wanted to bring comfort to people who hadn’t really had it before,” Stacy says smiling. While Stacy operates Comfort Center, he still serves as a representative for several companies, something that gives Stacy an opportunity to save his customers money. “As a representative for different companies, I am able to get the furniture for a great price. I have had several customers tell me lately that they have driven an hour in any direction and I am cheaper than anyone else, it’s worth taking a look for yourself.”

Comfort Center carries a wide selection of furniture that would fit any need someone might have. Along with memory foam mattresses, one of Stacy’s favorite products that he offers is an adjustable bed frame. “I love selling the adjustable beds because I really feel like they help people. I have had people come back into the store to tell me how appreciative they are because they are finally getting a good night’s sleep,” says Stacy proudly. There is also a wide selection of dining room and bedroom suites, recliners, and couches. “Another benefit of being a representative is that if you see something that you want but I don’t have it in stock, I can get it quickly for you.” After making a selection from the store, don’t worry about how you will get your new furniture home, Stacy offers free in town delivery and set up.

Customers at Comfort Center are more than customers, they are friends. “I absolutely love what I’m doing. I want to give special attention to my customers and that is why I am always here at the store. Hopefully, I help people achieve comfort, and I make some good friends along the way.” For more information about products offered or pricing, call Stacy at 479-234-8556 and check out their Comfort Center Facebook page, or go by an see him at 906 Gillham Ave. Suite B in Mena, Arkansas.

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