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Condemned Property Showing Promise


The property located at 1510 Reeves in Mena has shown progress after the City of Mena enforced two code provision violations last fall. The property, formally known as Councell’s Corner, has dilapidated over the years and caused most of the property to be ruled condemned.

The property was not only an eye sore, was a maze full of health hazards that included mold and mildew spores, holes in roofs, broken windows, and buildings filled with junk that housed many vermin.

After having trouble contacting current owner Mary Weaver, the case was brought to Polk County District Judge Jerry Ryan, in August 2013, who ruled a fine of $125 per day, per violation, be held until the all repairs were made.

condemned-prop1Since that time, much work has been done on the property although the rainy season has slowed the demolition and construction process. Some buildings had to be completely demolished. However, the main building has been deemed repairable after mold and mildew was treated and removed. A new roof is slated to be constructed as soon as the weather clears for a long enough period of time for the old roof to be ripped off.

The apartments were also deemed repairable. New roofing has been ordered for that building as well. When all repairs are complete, the apartments, around eight or ten of them, will be ‘efficiency’ apartments and the hope is for them to be ready by the first of next year.

Tammy Stockton of the City of Mena Code Enforcement has been working on this case since May of 2012 and is glad to see the progress so far. The city is also quite pleased with the renovations. “It’s not gone quite as fast as we hoped but there has been steady progress,” stated Stockton.

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