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Cossatot Hosts First Annual EAST Carnival

The Cossatot River High School EAST program will be hosting their first annual EAST FEST Carnival May 4th from 12 p.m.-5 p.m. The fest carnival will be an opportunity to showcase the projects the EAST students have been working on throughout the school year. Specifically, the event was organized by Cossatot students, Josh House and Emmanuel Maya. The two students have been working to make the Wickes Elementary playground a safer and friendlier environment for both students and parents using the advanced technology offered by the district’s EAST program.

Using the software SketchUp, the students were able to enter the GPS coordinates of the current Wickes Elementary playground and design their improvements on top of the existing playground to give the administration and staff a more accurate model of what their vision of renovation entailed.

Josh and Emmanuel have worked diligently to create a budget for their project, and with the help of numerous community sponsors and the administration and staff at Wickes Elementary, they have organized an event to raise money for their renovations.

The festival will have games, rides, music, food, 3D printed prizes, and virtual reality fun. It will be a great time for people of all ages and those attending will be impressed by the many elaborate EAST projects. All proceeds from the festival will go towards the Wickes Elementary K-2 playground renovation.

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