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Cossatot River Names New Superintendent


Cossatot River High School has announced Donnie Davis as the new Superintendent for the 2014-2015 school year. School Board President Randy Sellers stated, “We’re very fortunate to get him. He has 40 plus years in education and we’re very excited.”

Davis graduated from Kirby High School before receiving his Bachelors Degree in Education for Math and Science and then his Masters Degree in Secondary Administration from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

After college, Davis came back home to begin his career. Teaching math and science at Kirby for five years, he became principal for another five years, and then superintendent for an additional twelve years.  The remainder of his career has been spent as superintendent at Bismark for four years, Blevins for ten years, and the last six years at Dierks.

“I had announced my retirement in December after 42 years. The board called upon me to interview about 3-4 days before my retirement in June. I took office on July 1,” stated Davis.

Sellers said, “His tenure at these other schools have been long term and we’re hoping he’ll bring continuity and stability to our school.”

Davis said he is still working on long-term goals for Cossatot River High School but has several short-range goals in progress. “My first goal was to get teachers and staff in place before the school year starts. Our personnel wasn’t quite complete so we’ve asked the board to come in twice to hire more staff and we have a special meeting Thursday night to hire even more.” His next goal will be to get all policies for students and staff in place before the doors open to students on August 18. “As time goes on, I will have greater vision and try to gain as much insight as I can to create long term goals.”

“Having four campuses and the new high school brings all the communities together for one support of each other,” stated Davis. “We want to bring our curriculums together from the various schools so that when they come to our high school, there will be common ground, common knowledge base, and skill base. There are a lot of preparations to be made to the facilities and grounds to get prepared for the first day,” said Davis.

“We appreciate what Mr. Martin did for us and we look forward to what Mr. Davis will bring. To get somebody with his caliber wanting to be in your district, we were very fortunate and look forward to what he has planned,” stated Sellers.


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