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Cossatot River Receives New Outdoor Classroom/Community Nature Center


Cossatot River School District has joined forces with Rich Mountain Conservation District (RMCD) to build a Nature Center/Outdoor Classroom next the Cossatot River High School. RMCD secured a small grant and with the help of many volunteers and donations, work has begun. “We are excited to see trails being bulldozed and now the addition of a wonderful pond and wetland area by Don Youngblood Contract Dozer,” said Mary Holland of RMCD.

Holland explained that the students at Cossatot River High School have already been able to use the facilities as an outdoor classroom. Agriculture Education instructors, Monte Fain and Scott Morgan, have enlisted some of their classes to participate in the preparation of the pond/wetland area. Employees of Natural Resources Conservation Service instructed students on how to stake a pond for the area, as well.

“There have been numerous donations and volunteers assisting us in this venture,” said Holland. “Mark Duggan from RMCD Board of Directors, Don Youngblood, Levi Horrell of Ark. Game and Fish Commission, Monte Fain, Scott Morgan, Superintendent Donnie Davis, the Board of Education at Cossatot River Schools, employees of the Ark. Forestry Commission, and Natural Resources Conservation Service, have all provided us assistance, whether it was by technical assistance, labor, or ideas to help with this great project for the community”

There are many ideas being tossed around to complete the project that will be for school and community use. A walking trail, a pavilion that will be even with the dam on the pond for optimum sightseeing, and more, are in the works.

Look for additional articles and pictures relating to the Nature Center/Outdoor Classroom in future additions of the Pulse.


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