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Cossatot River School District Receives ‘School of Innovation’ Grant


Cossatot River School District has received a $10,000 grant from the Arkansas Public School Resource Center for being a School of Innovation, as determined by the Arkansas Department of Education.

To qualify for such a designation, district leaders presented a Schools of Innovation plan to the Department of Education that outlined new and creative concepts to the existing instructional and administrative practices. The changes proposed by district leaders are intended to improve academic performance and learning for all students.

Cossatot’s vision is to provide all students personalized learning opportunities for success and meeting individual needs through a flexible attendance schedule, self-pacing by students, and teacher mentors who will open up more avenues for student success.

Dr. Lisa Todd, the Director of Education for APSRC, commended the school for seeking creative and innovative methods to better accommodate the needs of their student populations. The school received the grant as presented by Dr. Todd at the APSRC’s annual fall conference. While there, Cossatot River school officials were also able to participate in a panel discussion with other Schools of Innovation.

Mickey Ford, Assistant Principal at Cossatot River High School said the $10,000 will help Cossatot River accomplish a student driven school that meets the individual needs of all students.

For more information about the Schools of Innovation and Cossatot River High School’s Innovation Plan, visit and then find Cossatot River High School.

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