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Cossatot River School District to Honor 2016 Homecoming Court

The 2016 Cossatot River Homecoming Royalty has been announced and will be honored during ceremonies beginning at 4:45 p.m. this Friday at the Cossatot River gym where the 2016 Homecoming Queen and Princess will be crowned.  The 2016 Royalty are: 7th grade maids [BOTTOM ROW L-R] Kaylin McKee and Landrie Tadlock; [MIDDLE ROW L-R]  8th grade maids Katelyn Baker, Kayla Youngblood, and Freshman maids Adamarie Aguirre, Lindy Price, and Bianca Ralls. [BACK ROW L-R] Sophomore maids Kimberly Gonzalez, Brenna Toon, Jacie Wilkerson; Junior maids Allyson Hoyle, Jacie Tinkes, Kimberly Zarate; Senior maids Hanna Davis, Brittany Jenkins, Hope Lyle and Katie Summit.  The Cossatot River Homecoming games of the senior boys and girls will be broadcaston  KENA 104.1 FM.


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