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Cossatot River Students Collect Stunning Amount of Food


Last Wednesday, November 15, a three-week long food drive concluded at Cossatot River High School. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the students, an astounding 6,664 food items were donated to the drive. These donations will be given to the Backpack Program, a district-wide program that sends underprivileged students home with backpacks filled with food and other necessities. The tremendous amount of donations received from the drive will allow the program to fill 40 backpacks for many months to come, ensuring that over 60 students will not go hungry.

The food drive was quickly transformed into an intense school-wide competition when it was announced that the two grades who donated the most items would be excused from school on Friday the 18th. After many trips to local stores and hundreds of items being gathered, the drive was ended and the donations were totaled. The next day, after much anticipation among the students, it was announced that the 9th grade was the top donating class, by gathering and donating an amazing 2,752 items. The 12th grade submitted the second largest amount with a great 1,811 donated items. Much to the surprise and the gratitude of the 10th grade, it was announced that they too would be excused because of their significant donation of 1418 items.

An astounding fact about the food drive is that just two days before the end of the drive around only 1,000 items were counted among the donations, meaning that over 5,600 items were donated in only two days. This fact clearly demonstrates that our students can accomplish some truly amazing feats.

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