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Cotton Column: Obamacare Court Decisions

Cotton Column: Obamacare Court Decisions

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Recently, there have been two important Obamacare-related decisions in our courts that impact Arkansans.

First a Federal Court ruled that the Obama administration has been improperly funding an Obamacare subsidy program since the law into effect. It’s upsetting, but unfortunately not surprising, President Obama once again broke the law to force his will on the American people. Whether it’s Obamacare, immigration policies, or environmental regulations, time and time again he’s circumvented Congress and ignored the Constitution to uphold his liberal agenda.

Obamacare is driving up healthcare costs and making health insurance more expensive. We need to repeal Obamacare and provide Americans with real healthcare reforms that actually lower costs. I expect the Obama administration to try and fight this ruling all the way to the Supreme Court, but as this case continues please know I will fight in the Senate to ensure Arkansans and all Americans are protected from the worst effects of Obamacare.

This week the Supreme Court also made an important decision in the Obamacare religious liberty case. Specifically, the case involves religious organizations who sued the government over Obamacare’s contraception mandate. The Supreme Court instructed the Obama administration to do what it should have done in the first place: give due respect to the sincere beliefs of the Little Sisters of the Poor and other people of faith.

In the rush to impose Obamacare on the nation, President Obama trampled on the religious rights of Americans and Arkansans who hold to traditional beliefs and don’t agree with his liberal views on abortion and contraception.  Religious freedom is a fundamental right guaranteed to us by the Founders and we must protect that right. The Supreme Court’s order gives the President an opportunity to right that wrong, and I urge him to take advantage of it.

These decisions underscore what millions of Arkansans already know: Obamacare must be fully repealed. There are better solutions to our healthcare problems—ones that don’t involve breaking the law or violating the religious beliefs of millions of Americans. Rest assured, my commitment to repealing Obamacare is unwavering and our fight against this unworkable law continues.

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  1. religious rights are a privaledge, even if you are a satanist, you should be able to worship who you want how you want. But, going back to Obamacare, the first opportunity my husband has ever had to actually afford medical insurance in the 26 years that I have known him and the 22 years of that in which we have been married was because of Obamacare!~!! People are greedy!!! I worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and no one ever provided affordable insurance at any company I had ever worked for!!!! It would cut into their profits too much!! At least now, he can afford insurance and not get scammed like he did before Obamacare. He paid a company for over a year to find out that it was a scam, they never paid any doctor bills but managed to deduct his insurance payment from our banking account each month. We had to close our bank account to STOP them from deducting money even after we found out from our Dr. they were not paying anything and the Dr. office could never contact the company over the phone. You rich people take healthcare for granted because it has always been there. Working people take NOTHING for granted. I am an educator now, I have good insurance, still can not afford to have my husband added but that is alright, He can afford med. insurance through Obamacare.

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