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Cotton Responds to More EPA Negligence in Flint EPA official in 2015: “LEAD!…Big Worries Here”

Cotton Responds to More EPA Negligence in Flint
EPA official in 2015: “LEAD!…Big Worries Here”
Washington, D.C.— Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on revelations that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials knew of problems in Flint, Michigan four months earlier than previously reported:
“We’ve known that the Obama administration sat idly by for months while the disaster in Flint got progressively worse, but recent emails reveal that timespan was even longer than we thought. Not to mention these emails said things like ‘LEAD!…Big worries here.’ Unfortunately, I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg. During his remarks in Flint earlier this month, President Obama called for correcting the mindset of neglect that led to the Flint water crisis. If he’s serious, he can start by asking Congress to immediately pass the EPA Accountability in Flint Act and prove to the American people that his administration doesn’t tolerate such negligence.”
Background: The EPA Accountability in Flint Act allows Flint victims to sue the EPA under the Federal Torts Claims Act by removing the discretionary function exemption. The legislation also requires that all damages awarded are taken from the EPA’s appropriated budget, instead of placing an additional burden on taxpayers by creating a new fund. Finally, the legislation requires EPA to develop, fund, and implement a long-term monitoring program that addresses the water supply contamination. Click here to view the full text of the bill.

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