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Cotton Statement on President Obama’s Remarks at the Pentagon

Washington, D.C.— Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on President Obama’s remarks at the Pentagon:
“As President Obama’s time in office comes to a close its clear he’s getting further and further from reality. Despite what he’d like Americans to believe, ISIS is not on the run nor have they been ‘beaten back’. ISIS’s new approach means they are actually growing their reach and are more motivated than ever to destroy the United States. We have proof of both their intention to attack the Western world and their capabilities—capabilities that are growing stronger every day. President Obama also fails to acknowledge that the problems in Syria can’t be blamed solely on their internal civil war or on Russia intervention, but rather his failure to enforce his own ‘red line’ in 2013.  Each day the President spends in denial is a day that ISIS and our enemies around the world get stronger and plot more attacks against the United States.
“But nowhere are the dire consequences of President Obama’s feckless foreign policy more evident than in his dangerous nuclear deal with Iran. President Obama couldn’t be more wrong about the state of Iran one year later. The reality is Iran has conducted a string of prohibited ballistic-missile tests, continued its sponsorship of terrorism, captured and exploited U.S. sailors, and ramped up efforts to clandestinely acquire illicit nuclear technology. His denial today that the $400 million in cash paid to Iran was anything but a ransom payment is laughable. The release of these Americans should have been secured before negotiations even began. And the President failed to answer whether we can ensure this payment won’t go to supporting terrorism, because we can’t. His own Justice Department warned him against this exchange, but once again, President Obama disregarded the advice of others and the laws of the United States putting national security second to his own objective: preserving the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.
“And if his comments about the state of our national security weren’t alarming enough, he doubled down on his commitment to let violent felons out of jail here in the United States. The President simply does not understand what it takes to keep America safe.”

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