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County Completes Another Bridge Replacement from 2013 Flood

[MENA]  Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison, announced the completion of another bridge caused by last year’s devastating May flood.  “We are proud to announce the re-opening of the Polk 45 Bridge. This new structure was opened for public travel in late May.”

Because FEMA was involved, plans and bid documents could not be developed until the fall of 2013. Winter and the ice storm delayed the project to some degree but, Ellison said, “we are satisfied with the end result.”

The Polk County Road Department demolished and removed the old bridge, performed the excavation work, elevated the approaches, applied and compacted the new road base, and installed the rip rap protective measures. Cossatot Builders, Inc. constructed the concrete and steel structure. Greg Vaughn provided the engineering services.

This new 52 foot bridge is elevated approximately five feet higher than the old crossing and is a free span. This will allow for greater flow and lessons the possibility of bridge damage during future floods. The total cost of the project was $193,000. FEMA and the state combined are expected to reimburse Polk County $153,000.


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