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County to Begin Road Projects in Early September


Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison announced that the County Road Department is preparing to start their annual summer seal and reseal project.

Ellison said there are 7.2 miles of total project to be completed, including portions of Polk Roads 74, 87, 71, 70, 30, and 28. Preparations have been underway for the project over the last ten weeks. Hard surfacing is estimated to begin the first week of September.

Before primer is applied to the roads, the county will do its best to warn the traveling public about the short term coming peril of oily roads. Avoiding these routes for a couple of days until the primer cures is advisable, but if traveling on these routes is necessary, driving 5 mph or less will keep most of the oil off your vehicle and is less likely to degrade the work.

Judge Ellison will have more details when he attends as a guest on the Mena Morning Show, right here on KENA, on August 22nd at 7:30 a.m.

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