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County to Receive K-9 Unit


The Polk County Sheriff’s Department will soon receive a new friend, one of the furry, four-legged type. Sheriff Scott Sawyer has reported the department will be taking on a K-9 unit narcotics dog thanks to a few grants they obtained. Sawyer said they haven’t had a K-9 unit in around eight years and they are excited to bring in another.

“I applied for and received around $10,000 in grants to fund a K-9 program and we are going to get it started in a couple of weeks at no cost to Polk County. The dog itself costs around $7,000. The remainder of the funds will be used for a kennel, dog food, vet bills, shots, and things like that.”

The dog the county has purchased is a trained narcotics dog. Sawyer said, “I wanted one that could find drugs and also one that I can take to the schools and let the kids see.”

Polk County Deputy, Sergeant Seth Smith, will be the dog’s handler and will travel next week to attend a special K-9 unit training. The new dog will make his way to Polk County the week of the 23rd. “I don’t want to give out his name or what kind he is just yet,” said Sawyer. “When we get him, we will make sure to introduce him to the county.”

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