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Couple Launches Panhandle Relief Effort for Fellow Ranchers


A local couple is making it their priority to help the victims, both human and animal, of the Texas Panhandle fires that have burned more than 500,000 acres and continue to ravage through three states.

At least six people have been killed and thousands of others have been forced from their homes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Four of those deaths occurred in Texas since that fire began on Monday, March 6. In addition to human lives, the fires have taken homes, farms, ranches, and livestock. Although some of the fires have died down for now, the risk for more wildfires remains high due to weather forecasts that predict little or no rain for the area through next week. Authorities in one county have said that more than 5,000 cattle are displaced and they have no numbers on how many perished.

Ricky and Darcy Dollar, of Yocana, are launching a Panhandle Relief Effort in Polk County and will take a load of supplies to the victims this weekend. They are asking for the community to rally together and help fill up their truck and horse trailer by Saturday, March 11, so they can deliver on Sunday, March 12. “We would love to fill it up with supplies for these people who’ve lost everything,” said Darcy.

Items needed, but not limited to are: horse and cattle feed, vet/medicine supplies, fencing supplies (wood posts, t-posts, barbed wire), bottled water, household items, and non-perishable food items.

“We have a friend, Sabrina Devers (professional horse trainer/barrel racer/clinician), that my daughter is going to ride with this next week in Perryton, Texas. Although not in the path of destruction themselves, they’ve been out every day helping these farmers and ranchers. Yesterday they did nothing but drive around all day putting cattle out of their misery that lay there suffering,” Darcy explained. “We decided since we were going that way we would try to gather up as much stuff as we could fit in our truck and trailer so it could be distributed to those in need.”

To donate, you can call or text Ricky at 479-216-3092 or Darcy 479-216-2292. Drop off location is 211 Polk Road 193 or they can make arrangements to meet in town. You can also message them on Facebook at RickyDarcy Dollar.

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