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Cove History Club is Writing A Book of History


The Cove History Club meets every second Thursday of each month between 2-4p.m. at the Cove Library, located at the Cove City Hall. They invite anyone who has ever lived in the township of Cover to join them in the journey of writing a book. This request is from the newly established library volunteers. “Every family is important and our desire is to cover the lives of every family who would like to share life-long memories for the generations to come. We desire to cover as much as we can to write a book on the history of the township of Cove, ” says Molly Thomas. Information on the is needed on the following: family names and information of your family from the founding of Old Cove located on East Cove 32 or old line road as it is often called, plus the movement to the township of New Cove when the railroad movement came into existence. To help with the book, meet us at the library or mail your memories to the Cove Library and City Hall, Cove, Ar 71937.

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