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Cove Town Council Gets Update on Water Issues

(COVE)  Cove Town Council members were updated Tuesday evening on the ongoing water issues that have affected the southern Polk County community recently.

Water Superintendant Dewayne Isaacs reported that the water quality from Gillham Lake is improving based on recent testing and incorporating the annual average.

Isaacs said that the municipality just had tests conducted within the last week that should indicate another improvement in their score.

Mayor Joanne Headley mentioned that she would like to see the water tested on the main line before it reaches Cove.

The town will need to address a response to the state on the Operational Control Levels of their water. According to Isaacs, they should only have to continue flushing efforts. The Gillham Lake Reservoir has been using a different disinfectant that has made a considerable difference.

In his report on the water issues, Isaacs said that the results from the last quarter showed their best numbers in quite some time.

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