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Cove Town Council Gets Update on Water Loss Ratio

(COVE)  Town council members in Cove got an update that their water loss ratio has dropped to ten percent. Most municipalities are striving to have their water loss at between ten and fifteen percent.

That was good news for members, even with the ongoing flushing of the water to get the water quality back into a normal level. The town gets its water supply from Gillham Lake and has experienced water control issues for several months; but, has tackled the problem head-on and is on the road to getting those issues resolved.

Council tabled discussion and the acceptance of bids on a mower attachment, that would be used for one of the town’s pieces of equipment that handles mowing. Two council members tied the meeting up with looking online for a possible savings on the purchase of that same piece of equipment; but, after some time spent on the matter; Mayor Joanne Headley decided to table the matter until more research can be done before proceeding on the purchase of the item.

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