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Crews Working to Restore Power in Polk County


Officials have confirmed that a “SWEPCO transmission line out of DeQueen” is the cause for the current widespread power outage affecting both SWEPCO and Rich Mountain Electric customers Tuesday evening.  Officials are saying the affected area appears to be customers north of Hatfield but customers in Wickes, Grannis, Vandervoort, Gilham and Cove are also reporting widespread outages.

The outage is said to be temporary with full power restored by 9 p.m. We will bring you further details as they become available.



  1. Power is also out in Wickes and Vandervoort.
    Wickes went out about 6:20.

  2. Back on by nine I got mine back at 1030!!

  3. Thanks to all the men who where taken away from their families to
    Get our electricity back on .They where out at least 4 hrs that mine was out.
    Thanks also to the people who have to answer the phones.They have to have the patients of Jobs.

  4. Got ours back 10:40

  5. My power went out just after the blade fell off my mower and I went inside for a cold drink – just as I put the glass under the icemaker.

    It came back on as I was getting down the kerosene lamp and trying to shuffle to the table without tripping over one of the dogs – about two feet to go.

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