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Dallas Avenue Dental Care, Inc.- Enjoy a Laugh at the Dentist


Everybody has one. Sometimes they aren’t used all the time, but they are always there ready to brighten somebody’s day. Everybody has a smile, a smile that can quickly turn someone’s day near you right around. It has been said that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

Dr. Diane Marosy and the team at Dallas Avenue Dental Care, Inc. are striving daily to provide quality dental care for the community and surrounding areas. ‘Doc’ as all her patients call her, is not a native of Mena, but nobody talking to her would know any different. She grew up in Long Island, but when her parents moved to Mena in 1980, she followed. “I’ve been here so long now, Mena is home,” Doc says with a smile. After deciding to pursue her calling as a dentist, she attended the University of Missouri Kansas City [UMKC] School of Dentistry. Doc would go on to graduate from UMKC in 1980 and would begin to practice dentistry. “It was really my experience growing up that led me to want to be a dentist.”

It has been commonly said that laughter is the best medicine. If this is the case, there is plenty of that medicine at Dallas Avenue Dental. “We are not a typical dentist office, we love laughing and cutting up with our patients,” says Doc proudly. Often, there are a lot of nerves that patients experience when they go to the dentist, but the team wants patients to feel like they are sharing a good laugh with friends. “We love helping our patients relax and have a fun experience at a dental office. It is really cool to make the really nervous patients become more comfortable.” When patients walk through the door at Dallas Avenue, it will be clear that they are cared for by everyone on the staff. From the moment that somebody walks into the office they will be greeted by a smile that will help ease any of their anxiety.

The staff at Dallas Avenue feels that their patients are more than that, they are dear friends. Doc and the team have went above and beyond to express to their patients that they care about them, not just when they come into the office, but all throughout the year. “One of my best memories is getting an anonymous letter from a patient that we sent a birthday card to. They told us that was the only birthday card they received from anyone. Experiences like that are what makes our job totally worth it,” says Doc. The team feels they are different and set apart from any other dentist office, “We’re fun, always cutting up!” When that isn’t enough they take it a step further, “We are always singing, dancing, whatever it takes to get the patient to relax and enjoy their time,” says the staff.

Helping patients regain their beautiful smile is the goal of the team at Dallas Avenue. “We want to do what we can to help people feel confident about themselves. So much of being confident about who you are is being confident in your smile,” explains Doc. They are a full service dentist office that provides the best care for the patient and their teeth. Some of the services included are bleaching, bonding, veneers, implants services, dentures, and Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic brace system made for straightening and aligning adult teeth in a short amount of time. It is similar in function to traditional braces, but uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires making them barely visible. “We have so many great patients with beautiful personalities and we want to help them regain their beautiful smiles to match!” Something that the team does to show off their patients and their beautiful smiles is what the office calls ‘Smile of the Week’. They take a picture of one of their patients flashing their pearly whites and recognize them in the paper as a way of saying ‘thanks’.

For  25 years now, Doc has created an experience at the dentist that will leave you laughing and readily anticipating to come back, “Our office is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the freedom of choice. We strive to meet our patients’ needs through education, advanced technology, and a caring, sympathetic approach,” says Doc. For more information about services provided, or to set up an appointment, call 479-394-7800, or visit their website, Dallas Avenue Dentals office is located at 400 Pine Avenue.

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