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Damon Miller – Moving on Up


Life really started for Damon Miller in 2008, the year he calls the best and the busiest year of his life.  “In that year, I moved back to Mena and married my wife, Kimberly, in March; our first son, Daeton was born in August; and I began my career with Arvest Bank.  It was the time that everything really started coming together for me,” explained Miller.

Born and raised in Mena, Miller is a 2002 graduated of Mena High School.  “I really enjoyed growing up in Polk County.  I have great parents, they are such a blessing.  They have always been a huge supporter of anything I do, from day one, sports, moving to Fort Smith after high school, they may not agree with it, but they supported it.  They give me advice and then they let me live my life.  I’m so thankful for them.  They are heavily involved in my kids’ lives and I appreciate that more than they know.  They help us out so much,” explained Miller.

After high school graduation, Miller moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he attended the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith and worked towards a degree in Business Management.  “I moved home and got an Associate’s Degree in Business from Rich Mountain Community College and I’m currently working on completing a degree in Principles of Applied Leadership from Arkansas Tech University,” Miller said.

Miller and his wife, Kimberly, have two sons, Daeton and Kypton.  “Kimberly is my life.  2008 until now have been the absolute best years.  From the beginning she has been my biggest supporter and I know she will go with me, and stay with me, wherever I need to go.  I couldn’t do it without her and not just in the typical stuff, like laundry, but she supports me emotionally and gives me honest opinions, that sometimes hurt, but I know they’re out of love,” said Miller with a laugh.  “After seven years I can honestly say I love her more now than the day we were married.  As time goes on, you really start to appreciate things more.  I credit the success we have had in our marriage to really getting involved with church.  We really love The Crossing and that has blessed us so much.  Kimberly is the love of my life.  I also love being a dad.  I really enjoy just hanging out with my boys.  I enjoy what they enjoy and at the ages they are in right now, they are really into sports and we have fun hanging out and going to the practices and games.  My family is such a blessing to me, they totally changed me.  I’m so thankful for them.”

When Miller began his career at Arvest Bank in Mena, he started as a Financial Services Representative, with duties such as opening new accounts and customer service.  In 2010, he was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager and in 2014 was promoted once again, to Branch Manager.  In that role he served as the policy driver on the local level.  In December of 2014, Miller accepted his current job for Arvest Bank as a Commercial Banker.  “Basically, I work with agriculture and commercial business needs, from loans to deposits and everything in between, I will grow and maintain those accounts.  One thing I really like about Arvest is that they not only give you ample training, they are constantly training you up.  I think that is a real testament to why people promote so quickly within Arvest, that you are trained for the position already, so when it opens up you are ready for it.  Of course God has something to do with it, I can’t take all the credit, I know I’m not that smart,” said Miller with a smile.

Miller also serves on the Mena Regional Health Systems Foundation Board, where they assist in the needs of the hospital, with scholarships for local students and employee appreciation lunches and most recently, in prepping for the upcoming Color Run.

“Growing up in Polk County, I have always enjoyed the close knit community.  I like that when we go to ball games we see everyone we know.  With most of my family and so many old friends here, it’s a great place to live and raise my family,” Miller said.

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