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Decaying Building at Fairground Being Removed


The oldest building at the Polk County Fairgrounds is being torn down to make room for more activities. Not to be confused with the newer, brick Education Building that is used now, the ‘old school building’, as it is referred to, sits in the area between the concession stand and the poultry and rabbit building.

Before being moved to the newer building, the walls held hundreds of displays of children’s art and educational displays over the years, bringing back memories to many. However, over the years, the building has succumb to decay and is being removed.

Polk County Fair and Rodeo Association President John Puckett said more room is needed around that area. “It’s an older building and it’s run down and it’s not being used. We’re going to try to have some different activities there,” Puckett explained. He said some play music in that area and it will allow more room for musicians and listeners as well as visitors to the Dale Rogers Show Arena.


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