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Demolition and Clean-Up Underway at Former Councell’s Corner


Demolition and clean-up has begun at the former Councell’s Corner located at 1510 Reeves that was cited by city officials earlier this year for “unsafe structure” and “inoperable vehicle.”

Judge Jerry Ryan ruled August 16 that the property owner, Mary Weaver, be fined $125 per violation per day until the repairs are made.

Tammy Stockton of the City of Mena Code Enforcement said this battle has been on-going since May of 2012.

City officials said Tuesday that it is their understanding that only a portion of the property is being completely demolished and that the remainder will be cleaned-up, repaired, and prepared to sell.

Stockton said the decision to make the citation was a difficult one but with mounting complaints from neighboring property owners and the longevity of the case led to the final decision.

Stockton began contacting the property owner in May of 2012 and said that the grass has been mowed but no other repairs or improvements were ever made. Stockton said the building has numerous holes in the roof, broken windows, and is filled with vermin along with junk that is molded and rusting, besides being an eyesore. Stockton said they have made every effort to work with the property owner to avoid legal proceedings but no solution was every maintained.

The original citation was issued September 18, 2012 and was set for trial in November twice that year but the property owner would request delays due to health issues.

City officials said they are very grateful to see efforts being made to clean-up the area.

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