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Deputy Sheriff Gets Charged With Animal Cruelty

(CONWAY)  A special prosecutor has charged a former Faulkner County sheriff’s deputy with a misdemeanor over the shooting of a small dog.

Former Deputy Keenan Wallace was charged Tuesday with cruelty to animals. Wallace was fired over the Jan. 4 shooting in a resident’s yard in Shiloh Estates near Conway.

  Wallace is to appear May 6 in Faulkner County Circuit Court. If convicted, he could face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The dog, Reese’s, resembles a Chihuahua mix. It has been undergoing medical treatment since the shooting.

  Jeff Phillips, the prosecuting attorney for the 5th Judicial Circuit, was appointed to handle the case. Carol Crews, the 20th Judicial Circuit prosecutor, said she had a conflict.

The shooting took place during a service call Wallace had answered, apparently about the dog. Resident Doug Canady has said he began feeding the “skinny little malnutritioned dog” after he moved into the neighborhood three years ago.

  In a video of the incident, two small dogs, barking and wagging their tails, can be seen running around near the deputy’s feet.

The deputy is heard asking Canady if he wants to step to the road to speak with him. Canady says no, and shortly after that a shot is fired.

  The video then focuses on the deputy and shows Reese’s writhing on the ground.

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