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Dog Saves Owner from Rising Flood Waters


During all disasters, there come stories of rescue, some just in the nick of time. According to Oleta Fairless Smith, she had such a moment and says she owes it all to her dog, Bo. She said she was taking a nap on the evening of Sunday, December 27th, 2015 when her nine-month old dog, Bo, woke her up at the door. She said he was watching the water rise and was warning her to wake up. Smith said she lives in a camper next to the Mountain Fork River, which rose quickly during the storm that dumped up to 12.75 inches of rain in parts of the county. Smith said upon being awakened by Bo, she loaded him and her other dog, Max, into her truck and tried to go up the road, but it had already been overtaken by water as well. Smith said she drove her truck up onto a hill to keep away from the water. By the time she got onto the hill, Smith said there was about a foot of water in the camper. Making it out just in time, she was able to make it to a neighbor’s house safely with both dogs in tow.


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