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Dr. P.C. Roberts – Personal Care Through Outpatient Veterinary Medicine


Dogs have been called man’s best friend. There is nothing more fun growing up than enjoying the friendship of your dog while you play in the yard. Some families aren’t complete without a cat or dog. Dr. P.C. Roberts understands the special place that pets have in families and has spent a majority of his life working to keep these special family members healthy.

After growing up on a farm in south Louisiana, he quickly developed a love for animals. “I guess I was like any other boy that got to live on a farm. I enjoyed the animals and the science behind it all.” Growing up, he participated in the 4H program, Herd Management, raised horses and showed cattle. After going through an accelerated program in high school, Roberts went off to pre-vet school at Louisiana State University [LSU]. At that time, Auburn, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma were the only vet schools taking Louisiana students. He was accepted to A&M and graduated in 1968.

Dr. Roberts has been practicing veterinary medicine for 50 years, having practiced in Louisiana for 32 years, and then Colorado for 13. After living and practicing in Colorado, he and his wife, Priscilla, decided it was time to move south. “We were looking for somewhere that was smaller, a place that we could slow down, but still practice,” explains Dr. Roberts. During his tenure in Louisiana and Colorado, he owned and managed four different clinics. “At that time, we treated large animals as well, but when we made the move to Mena, I decided to focus more on family pets, limited to cats and dogs,” says Dr. Roberts.

Decades in veterinary medicine has made Dr. Roberts very knowledgeable about medicine and different practices used for treatment. His experience has earned him the respect of many in the field. “I still have people that call and want to consult with me. It’s an honor,” says Dr. Roberts proudly. His experience in the field has it made it possible for him to place an emphasis on preventive health care and educating clients.

Since relocating to Mena, Dr. Roberts has downsized from a large clinic to a home office. Mountains, forests, and lakes were on the list of wants for a new home, but so was practicing in a home office. Knowing from first hand experience over the years that the costs of veterinary medicine were rising, Dr. Roberts was determined to offer quality care at affordable prices. “Veterinary medicine has made great advances over the years, but the advances also call for higher costs, which is not usually affordable for everyone,” explains Dr. Roberts. He understands that for many families, their pets are dear to them and he doesn’t want people to be unable to give their furry family members the care they need. “I understand that a home office may seem inconvenient, but it is designed so that I can keep overhead and costs to a minimum in order to provide care for people and their pets,” says Dr. Roberts.

It may seem that since Dr. Roberts doesn’t practice out of a full office that he may be limited in scope of treatment and care, but it is still a full service facility with the exception of boarding and overnight hospitalization. Nearly all of the services that could be provided at an office are still offered by Dr. Roberts, “I still do surgeries, pregnancy ultrasounds, dental care, along with vaccinations.” Two concepts that are very familiar to people is outpatient services and same day surgeries. In the same way, Dr. Roberts has made this available for clients and their pets. “With veterinary medicine, I believe doing it this way keeps costs down and creates less stress for pets. Like humans, pets often tend to recover better at home with loved ones.” If there ever is a need for hospitalization or prolonged treatment, Dr. Roberts will refer clients to veterinary hospitals of their choice.

Pets can bring laughter to a room full of children, provide joy to a family, and even give companionship. These, and many more, are all reasons why Dr. Roberts continues to practice, “I still love the medicine and I love the patients and their families. I feel like this is a productive and meaningful way I can give back to society.” For more information about services provided, or to set up an appointment, call 719-738-0800. Dr. Roberts does his best to answer his phone 24/7, contact him today.

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