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Dr. Randy and Kita Burgess Receive Recognition of Success From HSO

Since 2009, Humane Society of the Ouachitas began receiving spay-neuter grants from corporate donors such as PetSmart Charities and Petco Foundation. Dr. Randy and Kita Burgess committed their veterinary support to make those programs a success in Polk County. Over the past few years, HSO’s Spay-Neuter Assistance Programs helped subsidize the cost of spay-neuter services for low-income pet owners, when that expense was otherwise not affordable for those families. When caring pet owners can’t afford these services and their pets keep reproducing, the burden is huge for those pet owners to try to feed and find homes for the extra animals. This burden is carried over to the community with many unwanted pets roaming the highways, hungry, sick and usually pregnant. The Burgesses were recently recognized by HSO for another successful year of helping prevent unwanted pets in Polk County through spay/neuter. The 2017 Polk County Spay Neuter Project, funded by PetSmart Charities, was a huge success! The goal was to alter 500 animals. The final tally of animals altered was 577 for the whole year! On behalf of HSO’s Board of Directors, President Neal Fosdick presented the Burgesses with a commemorative plaque thanking them for their service to the community in appreciation for a job well done.

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