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Dr. Robert Manis Announces His Retirement

BY LEANN DILBECK – Dr. Robert Manis, an iconic face and name to the medical community, has announced his retirement after caring for local patients for over three decades.

In 1974, Manis received his doctorate and began his residency program at the Naval Regional Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida.  Dr. Manis embraced the opportunity to begin practicing in Mena, Arkansas.  From 1981-1988, he served in a variety of clinical areas at the Austin Clinic including family practice, orthopedics and general and gynecological surgery.   He began serving the community through his private practice in 1989.

Manis, along with several others, had a vision to provide the area with a central location for outpatient medical services.  In 1998, the Crestwood Center was completed, which housed Med-Ark Pharmacy, physical therapy, an orthopedic and x-ray unit and a family practice clinic.   Manis became a catalyst for the expansion of the hospital and a vital contributor to the addition of the Rehabilitation Department and Senior Behavioral Health. His efforts were essential to the hospital’s growth and prosperity.  Dr. Manis was very instrumental in the improvements in service, sustainability and progression of, what is now known as Mena Regional Health System (MRHS).  His notable contributions to local healthcare advancements and the community are immeasurable. Look for his upcoming Citizen of the Week feature in the July 2 issue of The Pulse.

MRHS will be hosting a reception in his honor, July 10, from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. in the Comfort Café.


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  1. Oh……… Doctor Manis has been my Doc, since I was 19 years old I am now…….. well older. But he had been the best and I will truly miss Dr. Manis. God Bless him……. He as served many.

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