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Dream Spinners is now ‘Beautiful Soles’


Candace Riner and Emmye Rowell, of Dream Spinners Christian Dance Company, announced a new name for the company on Saturday at their annual dance recital. It will now be known as Beautiful Soles.

Riner, the owner of Dream Spinners for more than eighteen years, began the venture with her mother when she was just sixteen years old. “I started twirling when I was five and I started dancing while in high school and all the way through college. When I was fourteen, I started taking classes from a specific teacher and when I was sixteen, she said she ‘I’ve taught you everything I know and I don’t know what else I can do for you so you may want to consider teaching on your own,’” recalls Riner.

In college, Riner learned all of the different dancing styles and eighteen years later, her favorite part of it all has been investing in the girls. “They just bring so much joy and excitement and being able to invest in the next generation and teach them a skill, and teaching them to dance for the Lord and honoring him through dance,” said Riner.

Dream Spinners became a Christian dance company around four years ago after a Christmas recital. “We felt that Christmas should be centered around the birth of Christ and we prayed about it and decided that’s the direction we wanted to take all of the time,” explained Riner. Rowell explained that they are a very lyrical and modest studio, and they love to honor the Lord with the gift He’s given them.

Riner announced that she and Rowell will become partners for Beautiful Soles which will remain a Christian Dance Company. The pair explained that the name change is the biggest difference and many of the Dream Spinners aspects will stay the same although they hope to expand their courses and have other ideas for the long-term.

The partnership will allow the two to put their ideas together to benefit and serve the students and their parents better. “Emmye is an amazing dancer and she’s very capable of filling her new role. And, just like my teacher with me, I’ve taught Emmye all I know, and she’s actually taught me stuff now. She has grown so much as a dancer and knows the business side also, so it makes sense. We’re both busy with full time jobs and we can do it better together,” said Riner.

Rowell explained how she and Riner met all those years ago when The Crossing was producing their first Polar Express show and Candace was invited to choreograph some of the dances for the show. “I remember being so intimidated when she walked in for the first practice and then we started dancing and I loved it. It’s amazing to see that God knew nine years ago that he was leading us here,” Rowell said. “It’s amazing how God works. If Candace had not said ‘yes’ nine years ago, this wouldn’t be happening now.”

Rowell has been with Riner since that time and six of those years have been as a studio teacher. Rowell is looking forward to her next step in the dance world and Riner is excited to continue to watch Rowell grow in her new role. “I knew this was down the road but now it’s here. I was excited, scared, and nervous, but I’m ready,” said Rowell of tackling her new position.

One of the most exciting ventures that the pair is ready to tackle is partnering with a dance group in Haiti that Riner has spent time with on mission trips. Riner hopes to go back twice a year to teach those girls more and even train a teacher for them. In fact, in February 2015, Riner was able to deliver ribbons and dance shoes for their beautiful feet to the group in Haiti and they would love to continue to grow the program. They are using some of their t-shirt sales to buy more items to send to Haiti such as music, dance shoes, ribbons, and more.

The new name, Beautiful Soles, stems from a Bible verse, Romans 10:15: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” “They are ambassadors of Jesus Christ and when their little feet take them somewhere like Lum and Abner, a dance recital, or a nursing home, their little feet are dancing and bringing the good news because people are hearing it through the music,” said Riner. Rowell explained that the new name has more than one meaning for her, “Our souls are beautiful and we’re doing everything for Him so it has different meanings.”

“It’s a new beginning, the closing of a chapter and another dream has come to fruition. It was a God-size dream and I knew there would be something else down the road, I just wasn’t sure what that would be,” Riner said.

The next round of classes will begin the same week that school starts. You can check out the new partnership at or like their Facebook page, Beautiful Soles.


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