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Ducks, Dynasties, and the First Amendment


Well Christmas is over, the new year is upon us, and Duck Dynasty items are back on the shelves everywhere. It’s hard to imagine that the hottest-selling stuff in the country and the most popular cable show, would come from a handful of bearded rednecks in Louisiana. It’s also hard to believe that in the land of the free (born in the roots of Christianity) that an opinion on Bible scripture could have caused such a furor, bringing out the new “Morality Police” and the “Social Gestapo” marching in lockstep across the nation.

To put things in perspective, I’m going to say again, I don’t have an issue with who someone loves. I’ve known good people of all social persuasions. It’s not my business. As Phil Robertson said in his interview; “Who’s going to Heaven, Hell — that’s the Almighty’s job. Let God sort it out.”

As far as the Duck Dynasty situation: I figure those who find themselves offended by a country boy speaking his mind should be thanking God for the First Amendment, and that they live in a country where they can make a mountain out of a mole hill if they feel like it. But everyone needs to remember that freedom of speech is a two way street – you can’t march in the streets and complain about those damned redneck conservatives and their antiquated concepts of God and religion, then turn around and fluff up like an angry quail and demand a handful of them be “punished” for a single opinion.

No single non-governmental institution or social stratum of our society has the right to dictate right or wrong. Our Constitution defines this. Unfortunately, values – religious, political, and social – are morphing before our eyes, and rather than allowing common sense to be our guide, we are succumbing to hysteria, and the intimidation of “thought police.” This Duck Dynasty affair was an attempt of one small segment of our society, under the umbrella of this administration’s politically correct thought police, to flex its muscles.

But there is a bigger war being waged here. Had this push been successful, it would have meant the beginning of the end for free speech in America. Your job, your position in the community, your social standing, would be contingent on whether or not you agreed with/accepted a new set of expanding mores and codes. Opinion, outside what is “politically correct” would eventually no longer be tolerated.

In my opinion, we have institutions today, masked as educational and informative media that are beginning to control mainstream thought and forge mainstream behavior in a fashion that Mao, Stalin, and Fidel would have purely admired. Socialism and the growing shadows of communism are alive and well in this country. Our fearless leader would shake his head slowly, the way he does, and tell us that all is well, and that no segment of our society stands above another – that freedom of speech is still secure. But to me, it doesn’t matter what you call it, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the ownership and staff of The Polk County Pulse. Michael Reisig is a freelance writer and published author whose works are reproduced throughout the globe.