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Ear Ticklers…


Well, hang on to your britches, because this is another one of those “rainbows and purple berry flavored smoke” ones…

2016 is a presidential election year.  All eyes were focused on Monday’s Iowa Caucus that will serve as the first barometer of America’s moods regarding this year’s large and diverse (entertainers to career politicians) slate of candidates and in a few weeks, we will soon know who the slate will be whittled down to. Sounds of snorting pigs will soon frequent every TV newscast and soundbite as the mud begins to sling… with the underlying message that they are THE candidate that can ‘make America great again’ … the one ambiguous campaign promise that tickles voters ears.

Casting our votes for the commander in chief of the world’s largest and most powerful army… the leader of the free world… is a “right” of this country’s democracy that thousands have died protecting and defending. That right should be exercised… and it should be done so intelligently, informed, and educated. “We the people” can’t cast votes on vague promises and expect anything to change. There has to be a plan to accomplish how a candidate plans to return us to the great country we once were… (which is still the only place I want to live for the record.) and our votes should be cast on that.

I just recently ended an almost month long fasting of meat. I, traditionally, fast something like chocolate or soft drinks each January but for some reason, I felt lead to fast meat this year. What didn’t start with a great deal of understanding ended with, at times, overwhelming revelations.  Fasting is good for the soul and I spiritually learned so much through this particular one.  One is that after the first couple of weeks, I never felt quite satisfied after eating … whether I ate an entire platter of salad, complete with boiled eggs for my protein … or if I splurged and had a hot fudge sundae … whether it was good for me physically or just good to the taste … without that meat, for me, I was still somewhat “hungry” or “unsatisfied.”

Life is hectic and busy. Time is such a precious commodity but our way of life and that of our children’s hinges on this election. It is an important time, folks.  There is plenty of time between March and November to thoroughly educate yourself on the candidates and I pray that you will look at the “meat” of their message and campaigns and judge if it is not only attainable but sustainable because government is one of the ‘facts of life’ of this world.  Human history has shown that we need to be governed. It is difficult for me to comprehend but according to His word, every government is put in place by God (Romans 13:1) … even the evil ones because all human governments will eventually end and Jesus will reign over us all but until then, I pray we will take an active role in casting our votes, an active role in educating ourselves and ignoring their ear tickling ambiguous promises, an active role by focusing on the meat of their campaigns.  God is ultimately our sovereign ruler and who all our faith should be placed in, and not in any man, but until the Lord’s return, it is the Church’s duty to pray for our leaders.

2 Timonthy 4:3  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires…


  1. I have to take issue with your statement, “Human history has shown that we need to be governed.” We need to each govern ourselves. The only legitimate – and safe – reason to have government is to do those things that we can do more efficiently by working together. When we accept that any government has an inherent right to exist, we create a monster that must constantly be reined in and cut back.

  2. Apparently, Michael Lewey sees the absence of government as chaos,cruelty and selfishness. Government is the only practical and efficient way of securing the health, safety and welfare of its citizenry. Democracy as well as our republican form of government keep away the monsters he fears…………The only monsters we can’t tame are uneducated or ill-informed voters. Let’s guard against that monster. Count me in, Leann.

    • I have no idea where this Kraus person dreamed up the nonsense they attribute to me, though it may arise from an ignorance of the difference between the verb “govern” and the noun “government”. The noun describes a mechanism created by individuals to do jobs for all the people that it can do more efficiently than the individuals themselves. But the concept of democracy – direct or representative – is based in the responsibility of every individual citizen to govern themselves, to make the educated and informed decisions that make a government work. If an individual cannot govern themselves, they will break the law, ignore health and safety regulations, and simply not care about others in the community. The philosophical question Kraus is stumbling around is whether government imposes order and safety on a community, or the individual accepts that honesty and concern for others makes life better for themselves and those around them. We could go on for days about the origins and justifications of governing authority, or the degree of sovereignty the individual gives up as part of a “governed” community, but those questions don’t relate to the point I was making or that Kraus thought they were refuting. The point remains that the individual must first and always give informed consent to be governed because no form of imposed government will be successful or, ultimately, sustainable.

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