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Election Commission Nominates New Chair


The Polk County Board of Election Commissioners met on Monday, January 23, 2017 to elect a new chair to the three-member commission that presides over all election affairs in the county. Bernie Mize, representing the majority as member of the Republican Party, was nominated as the new Chair, and serves alongside Vice-Chair, LaDon Copelin, who also represents the Republican Party and is new to the commission. David Ray remains a member of the Election Commission, representing the Democratic Party.

The law requires that each county board of election commissioners meet by February 28 of each odd-numbered year to elect one member to serve as chairman. Each of the 75 counties in Arkansas has a County Board of Election Commissioners who are responsible for conducting all elections within their respective county. Each board consists of two members elected by the county committee of the majority party and one member elected by the county committee of the minority party.

Although the Democratic Party was considered the majority in Arkansas since 1873, in 2015, the Republican Party became the majority, therefore, the commission now has two Republican members and one Democratic member.

Also at the meeting, commissioners discussed a possible school election in 2017, but have no other activities planned at this time.

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