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Ellison Elected by Peers to Serve on Risk Management Board


Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison was recently appointed to another state board that will help improve the lives of Arkansans, and Polk County. Ellison was most recently elected by his peers to serve on the Risk Management Board of Trustees for the Arkansas Association of Counties. His term for the Risk Management Board will last through the end of 2017.

Counties participating in Risk Management, control the program through the Board of Trustees, which is comprised of seven elected members. The AAC’s Risk Management Fund is not insurance, but actually a fund in which counties acting cooperatively through AAC can manage their actual risk through good loss control practices and obtain the protection needed without paying for protection actually not needed. Risk Management provides property protection for counties for buildings, radio equipment, towers, and much more. It also provides property protection for rural volunteer fire departments.

Judge Ellison is also a member of the Arkansas County Judge’s Association who elected him to serve on the Arkansas Association of Counties Board of Directors. At the time of his appointment to the Board of Directors, Michael Lincoln, president of the County Judges Association of Arkansas, said, “Judge Ellison has been an active member of the County Judges Association of Arkansas and has led the way in rural road construction and maintenance best practices. His appointment to the AAC executive board speaks volumes about what his peers think about his service. He will be a strong voice for rural counties.”


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